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Goal-Specific Programs For Athletes

The specific needs of athletes are quite different from those of the general public and those working out to just lose weight or “tone-up.” Each athletic activity taxes the body’s muscle tissue, energy stores, cardiovascular system, tendons, ligaments, skeletal structure and mind differently. We live in a time when modern science is at the forefront of athletics. To gain the edge over the competition and/or to put yourself in the best possible condition your genetics will allow, you will need to apply our clinically tested and time-proven training, nutrition and recovery sciences.

Training Benefits
Athletes need a more focused and purpose-driven training program to be tailored to each individual goal. As an athlete, one can’t afford to get sidetracked or to have one’s performance abilities jeopardized by trial and error or a faulty training regimen. Athletes need to apply the correct training systems the right way and at the right times in order to make the most of their training efforts and attain their goals.

Nutrition Benefits
Nutrition is one of the most misunderstood concepts in athletics. Most of the information that we are taught in school and through the government is untested and tainted by corporate America. The information on the backs of labels shows nutrient amounts not even suitable for a coach potato, let alone an athlete taking their mind and body to the limits. The training regimen of an athlete can consume up to 3 hours a day. What many forget is that it's equally important what you do to your body for the other 21 hours. Thatís why nutrition is so key to aiding you in your success.

Recovery Benefits
As athletes, everyone should be aware of a common misconception. There is no such thing as over training, only under recovery. For the body to recover from training injury or sickness, you must be exposed to the correct recovery techniques. We at the Sports Science Association have dedicated ourselves to finding and applying the most advanced and time-proven methods of recovery available, such as Far Infrared, Magnetic, Massage, and Electric Nerve Stimulation therapies.

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