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Success Through Training

Benefits of Professional Training Programs

An effective program is more than just a collection of exercises. A good training program is like a work of art. It should incorporate all aspects of your life and be sustainable. It needs to suit you and fit your lifestyle. Basic Training Programs are just that. They have their place for new trainees or beginners. But, continuous use of these basic uniplane or stabilized movements can create faulty neurorecruitment patterns and eventually imbalances and injury. Advanced Training Programs are based on the human movement model and combine many elements of movement, unstabilized and multiplanar. Professional programs designed by master trainers utilize specific protocols and are customized to fit the needs and goals of the individual. They are tailor made for optimal results.

There are three progressive types of training that we employ. The first being Innervation Training; simply defined as basic exercises in isolation form. The key to this type of training is intensity and the importance of maintaining it.  It teaches the targeted muscles to do the work resulting in “conscious control of muscle movement”. Once this level of control is reached, growth can occur. Fatigue and exhaustion become “biofeedback”, giving the body the information it needs to progress to greater intensity in the form of extended reps and increased weight load. The muscle is thus able to maintain the same level of intensity on the first rep as it is the last. The second method is Hybrid training, or functional training combined with other forms of training. Functional training which evolved from rehabilitation therapy consists of natural movements such as twisting, bending, reaching, squatting, pushing and pulling. The emphasis is on these multiplanar movements executed with intensity, focusing on a group or chain of muscles as opposed to just one. The object is to “implement functional-training movements to get progressive –resistance benefits results in multiplanar training of the whole body.”   The third method is Metabolic Enhancement Training consisting of high intensity interval training done with resistance. The effect is an oxygen debt maintained without full recovery throughout  the first set of exercises. Once the workout is complete the metabolism remains elevated and continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours.(1)


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